Owners and crew

 Captain Pat and Staci Kosick have lived and sailed in the Caribbean for many years and know the Islands as their own personal playground.  They totally restored a classic Chris Craft sailing yacht, owned and operated a successful day sail business out of St. Thomas for 25 years and have a large following of happy guests.  They have always maintained an outstanding reputation on Trip Advisor.

 Captain Pat began in the cold weather of Wisconsin and as soon as he was old enough, he jumped on a ship joining the US Coast Guard in the Great Lakes.  Once he was free he began heading south.  His boating skills are exemplary and he is a well-respected captain in the Caribbean as well as being known as a true Caribbean storyteller!

 Some of his accomplishments include search and rescue, teaching boat safety to law enforcement agencies, as well as inspections of small crafts.  He worked on private yachts and managed charter boat companies.  He is a true Caribbean Captain  and a well known story teller through and through. 


Staci is in charge of your culinary preferences and does an outstanding job!  She has studied throughout Europe and loves to please guests with fresh ingredients that are well prepared. She has her Captains license and does all the business requirements.  


Jasmine is our First Mate and has worked on Sweet Pea since 2016.   She grew up in a small town around a lake in Pennsylvania where she could typically be found on a horse, out on her Grandparents boat, or in the kitchen apprenticing with her Mother who is an amazing chef.  Jasmine has always been drawn to the ocean and after graduating High School she moved to the beach in Ocean City Maryland and went to college there. Shortly after she followed the warm tropical breezes and landed in St. Thomas where she has lived since 2009.  During that time she helped run and manage a restaurant for 6 years until eventually it was sold. St. Thomas is where Jasmine developed her love for sailing and found the perfect fit working on Sweet Pea. --