Sweet Pea Catamaran Specs

Many vacationers may assume single hulled sail boats are the only way to sail, but those who know sailing in the Virgin islands know that Catamaran sailing vacations are all about fun. Catamaran sailing vessels are an evolution of the outrigger boats historically used for centuries in many tropical regions. The name catamaran is reportedly of Tamil origin and English sailors gave the name to the twin hulled boats that were in use by Polynesians in centuries past.


Today's Catamarans are built in a variety of sizes with some being used as public transit ferries all over the world. Power catamarans offer more stability and can achieve speeds equal to hydrofoils. Yacht races are increasingly being won by catamaran vessels due to their better speeds and larger sales. The largest catamaran yacht was 124 feet long with a sail over 140 feet high. These big sailing catamarans can reach speeds of up to 50 knots.

Sweet Pea is a Norseman 400 manufactured by Norseman Yachts, a Southern California based builder/importer, was launched in Cape Town South Africa. It is a marvelous ship that sails magnificently in light as well as heavy winds. The interior is open, airy, and perfectly laid-out for both offshore work and dockside living.

A Catamaran sailing vacation is the only way to go. It is convenient, stable, and offers a more relaxing onboard experience. We can anchor in just about any cove along the the coast of the Virgin Islands and you'll enjoy zipping along between the islands. Book your St. Thomas sailing adventures with Sweet Pea.